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—  Libations  —


Brunch Cocktails

—  Bottomless Mimosa

—  Social Mimosa
sparkling wine, ESS orange liqueur, orange juice, Bittercube orange bitters

—  Grapefruit Mimosa  —
grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, Aperol, Jamaican #1 bitters

Social Mary  —
tomato, tomatillo, Fresno pepper, barrel aged Worcestershire, choice of vodka, tequila, gin

—  Mary of the Spring
Celebration Aquavit, Allspice, juniper salt

—  Raspberry Spring Fizz  —
Beefeater Gin, egg white, raspberry syrup, bitters

—  Corpse Reviver $# 18—
cilantro-bell pepper gin, Cocchi Americano, E.S.S. orange liqueur, citrus

Of the Older Fashioned
E.S.S. select house bourbon, barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity bitters

— Wrecked The Hoose Joose  —
Yerba Mate infused tequila, Cynar, lemon, saline

Beer and Wine
We offer a large selection from around the world and close to home.





   Hand Crafted Sodas    

Spring Cocktails

 All Hands On Deck —

Royal Dock & Gunner Ghost Navy Strength Gin, Cynar, Licor 43, grapefruit syrup, egg white, bitters


E.S.S. Spring Daisy
Vodka, apricot liqueur, lemon, bitters

—  G.O.A.T.  —
Chevre infused apple brandy, blackberry, Green Chartreuse, cocoa nib, Don's Honey

—  TIKI AF  —
Bourbon, Pimento Dram, al pastor infused falernum, mescal, pineapple-vanilla syrup, bitters

—  Of the Older Fashion  —
E.S.S. select house bourbon barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity Bitters

—  Old Fashioned Flight  —
a trio of cocktails

—  Five Star Sangria  —
rum, blush, grapefruit, honey, peppercorn, chamomile, sparkling

—  Just Dill With It —
Dill Aquavit, Aperol, coconut honey, lemon, bitters, seltzer

Fever Dreams
Tequila, Creme de Cassis, Punt y Mes, Don's Honey, habanero tincture, bitters, seltzer

Tea & T
Bingley's Tea infused gin, citrus tonic

—  Daily Punch


                          Hand Crafted Sodas                             

—  Horehound  
woodruff syrup, seltzer, Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

—  Land of Milk & Honey  
cream, Donn's Honey, seltzer

—  GFF  
grapefruit, lemon, bitters

—  Cherry Rickey  
tart cherry syrup, black strap bitters, seltlzer

— Sarsparilla  
sassafras, licorice, brown sugar, bitters