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—  Libations  —


Brunch Cocktails

—  Bottomless Mimosa

—  Social Mimosa
sparkling wine, ESS orange liqueur, orange juice, Bittercube orange bitters

—  Grapefruit Mimosa  —
grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, Aperol, Jamaican #1 bitters

Social Mary  —
tomato, tomatillo, Fresno pepper, barrel aged Worcestershire, choice of vodka, tequila, gin

—  Mary of the Winter
Celebration Aquavit, Allspice, juniper salt

—  Cafe Fizz  —
Tanqueray, E.S.S. cold press, egg white, cream, citrus, bitters

—  East of Eden
cilantro-bell pepper gin, Cocchi Americano, E.S.S. orange liqueur, citrus

Of the Older Fashioned
E.S.S. select house bourbon, barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity bitters

—  The Capulet  —
vodka, Cappelleti, citrus, bitters, soda

Beer and Wine
We offer a large selection from around the world and close to home.






Deep Winter Cocktails

 Smoke On the Water —
1792 bourbon, Cynar, Cocchi di Torino, Laphroaig, bitters

The Woodsman
Holiday Aquavit, pear brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Maidenrock Cider

—  Of the Older Fashion  —
E.S.S. select house bourbon barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity Bitters

—  Five Star Sangria  —
Copper & Kings unaged apple brandy, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, sparkling

Fowl Weather Friends
Famous Grouse Scotch, Amaro Nonino, Cocchi Americano, tobacco tincture

Thyme Traveler
Brandy, ceylon tea,  tart cherry syrup, muscovado, malic acid, thyme tincture

Tea & T
Bingley's Tea infused gin, winter tonic

—  Not Odd or Even —
Banana washed rum, cold press, Don's honey, malted milk, cream, bitters

—  Daily Punch

—  Old Fashioned Flight  —
a trio of half cocktails


                          Hand Crafted Sodas                             

—  Horehound  
woodruff syrup, seltzer, Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

—  Land of Milk & Honey  
cream, Donn's Honey, seltzer

—  GFF  
grapefruit, lemon, bitters

—  Tigerrama  
margarita syrup, lime, seltzer, orange bitters

—  Shawty We Don't Play  
peach syrup, cream, seltzer

—  Language of Flowers  
lemon, orange flower, basil, woodruff, seltzer