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—  Libations  —


Brunch Cocktails

—  Bottomless Mimosa

—  Social Mimosa
sparkling wine, E.S.S. orange liqueur, orange juice, Bittercube orange bitters

—  Grapefruit Mimosa  —
grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, Aperol, Jamaican #1 bitters

Social Mary  —
tomato, tomatillo, Fresno pepper, barrel aged Worcestershire, choice of vodka, tequila, gin

—  Mary of the Summer
Celebration Aquavit, Allspice, juniper salt

—  Mango Summer Fizz  —
Beefeater Gin, egg white, mango syrup, bitters

—  Corpse Reviver $# 18—
cilantro-bell pepper gin, Cocchi Americano, E.S.S. orange liqueur, citrus

Of the Older Fashioned
E.S.S. select house bourbon, barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity bitters

— Wrecked The Hoose Joose  —
Yerba Mate infused tequila, Cynar, lemon, saline

Beer and Wine
We offer a large selection from around the world and close to home.





   Hand Crafted Sodas    

Summer Cocktails

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
Fino Sherry, rum, grapefruit, berries, cinnamon

North Shore Margarita
Aquavit, E.S.S. orange liqueur, cocoa nib, lime, mole & bay leaf bitters

—  Blumenthal Sour —
Bourbon, Cocchi di Torino, grapefruit, zinfandel, bitters

—  After the Rain  —
Gin, Tattersall Bitter Orange, habanero tincture, grapefruit, bitters

—  Of the Older Fashion  —
E.S.S. select house bourbon barrels, muscovado, Bittercube Trinity Bitters

—  Old Fashioned Flight  —
a trio of cocktails

—  Five Star Sangria  —
rum, blush, grapefruit, honey, peppercorn, chamomile, sparkling

Under the Mango Tree —
Vodka. Letherbee Fernet, mango syrup, lemon

Bird On a Wire
Gin, Suze, pineapple-vanilla syrup, lime, bitters

Tea & T
Bingley's Tea infused gin, citrus tonic

—  Daily Punch


                          Hand Crafted Sodas                             

—  Horehound  
woodruff syrup, seltzer, Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

—  Land of Milk & Honey  
cream, Donn's Honey, seltzer

—  GFF  
grapefruit, lemon, bitters

—  Cherry Rickey  
tart cherry syrup, black strap bitters, seltlzer

— Sarsparilla  
sassafras, licorice, brown sugar, bitters